If one is drinking, doing drugs, sleeping (or passed out) in non-secure environment the chance of a sexual assault occurring greatly increases. You are vulnerable to any creep who wants to assault you.

When I worked as a nurse doing forensic exams on sexual assault victims the majority of cases involved some combination of alcohol, drugs, sleeping it off in someone else’s house, young teens being out very late or young teens letting older teens into their home without parents being home.

Being stupid doesn’t mean you are asking to be a victim of a crime but it does make it more likely. Just because it isn’t your fault, despite of stupid choices, you will still be hurt, risk pregnancy and STDs and maybe your life. Being right won’t make those things go away. Being smart may prevent them.

Take a self-defense class; rapes and murders still occur even when there is no stupid behavior. But don’t add to your chances. Don’t pick up strangers (or hitch-hikers which was my stupid choice), don’t lose control to intoxication in unsafe environments (which can potentially be almost anywhere), don’t assume every acquaintance is safe – not even every “friend” will respect your boundaries if you have passed out or lost all inhibitions. Always have enough money with you to get yourself home by taxi. Protect yourself from date rape drugs by retaining full control of all your beverages. Use the buddy system.

If you are sexually assaulted get help. Get to a safe environment. Don’t eat or drink. Don’t shower or change clothing. Don’t brush your teeth. Don’t brush your hair. Your body has become a crime scene and it needs to be left “as is” until the forensic exam is complete. Call the police. Go to the nearest Hospital Emergency Department.

After the initial treatment and exam find out where you can get counseling. Despite all I have said, it is not the victim’s fault. Rape is a crime. Stupidity is not but it's not a defense either. Learn how to make smarter choices.

Do you want to be the girl who successfully brought about a rape conviction or do you want to be the girl who was NOT raped? (Aaron McGruder on the Bill Maher show)

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