1972 pornographic movie starring Marilyn Chambers and directed by the Mitchell Brothers (Artie and Jim). It's considered a pornography classic, and one of the films that sort of crossed to a mainstream audience along with Deep Throat (partially because Chambers had appeared in a soap commercial shortly before the movie and seemed very much like the "girl-next-door").

The basic plot is that Gloria, Marilyn Chambers' character, is kidnapped and ends up having sex in front of an audience at some sort of private club. (The movie tells this as a flashback from a man who was in the audience.) Despite being a kidnap victim, Gloria does not seem to be hurt or coerced after the very beginning of the film and it has no real violence. The audience is also shown engaging in sex acts after being aroused by what they're viewing. To some the movie seems dated-looking and low-quality, but I still quite like it and it remains available after all these years, unlike the majority of porn movies, so it must do something for a lot of viewers.

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