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Enemy data c/o game data files and source

CLASS: Beheaded Bomber
METABOLISM: cyber-zombie
PERCEPTION: insentient, LCU controlled
SIZE: 6 ft
ENDURANCE: very low
HOSTILITY: very low
WEAPONS: hand grenades
HEALTH: 19.5


An executed Sirian soldier, raised from the dead by Mental and remote controlled by Life Control Unit (LCU). The Bomber carries his own head in one hand to receive audio/visual information and has a large supply of inflatable bombs in his pockets.


- The Beheaded Bomber explodes soon after death

Similar to the their zombie brethern but for the green shirts -- different in that, unlike the others, these guys can actually kill you! They throw grenades in a high arc at Sam and are very accurate shots, but also terrible at 'leading' their target... keep moving to be safe! Their main danger lies in catching you unawares: they move more quietly that most enemies (it is hard to utter a battle cry when you're carrying you head under your right arm...) and often the first warning you'll have of their presence is when half your health is knocked off by a volley of detonations! Listen for the 'thwoop' sound they make when throwing to be safe.

When killed, they fall backwards and explode after two seconds. When gibbed, they explode _immediately_ -- a danger to the reckless hero who has charged in to despatch them with close quarters shotgun attacks. It is quite possible (also desirable, and amusing) for a group of bombers to undergo a 'runaway chain reaction' effect where one exploding sets off two more, who each sets another two, and so forth and so forth...

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