Beervac is not to be confused with Stuvac. Beervac is a concept that has evolved in disparate universities around the world to deal with the extreme amount of pressure that is put upon students during their exam periods.

Especially in Australia, Beervac is a holistic solution to the anxiety attack inducing stress associated with studying for major exams.

The Theory (read as a logical sequence):

To further extrapolate, Beervac consists of a simple premise - students are asked to make realistic deals with themselves. A typical student might work steadily throughout the day, and later on at night sojourn to a local beer-providing agency for a cleansing ale.

This trip is normally taken somewhere around the hours of 11 or 12 at night. A good practice is to take 3 or 4 similarly stressed friends with you, with the intention of inducing laughter and reducing stress levels further. Any more than this will only lead to drunken behaviour, street sign theft and other undesirable phenomena.

The most important thing to remember when considering using Beervac as a stress relief agent is that it needs to fit into a balanced study plan; if it is not balanced out with judicious study and healthy levels of sleep, it can actually harm your chances of doing well in the exams.

While Beervac is perhaps not as well known amongst the more conscientous students at universities, the author of this writeup assures noders that it does exist and is practiced amongst the students of several universities in Australia that he has attended, particularly those of the engineering faculty.

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