In the game of cricket, the beamer is a non-pitching delivery aimed at the batsman's head, with the primary aim of removing him from the field of play if bowled correctly.

It was initially considered 'ungentlemanly' to use tactics such as this, but it was so dangerous that it was soon declared illegal as described in Law 42 which deals with 'Fair and unfair play' and states:

.....If the umpire considers that a high full pitch (a beamer) which is deemed to be dangerous and unfair, ......was deliberately bowled, then the usual caution and warning .... shall be dispensed with. The umpire shall:
  • (a) call and signal No ball.
  • (b) direct the captain, when the ball is dead, to take the bowler off forthwith.
  • (c) The over shall be completed by another bowler, who shall neither have bowled the previous over nor be allowed to bowl the next over. The bowler thus taken off shall not be allowed to bowl again in that innings.
  • (d) report the occurrence to the other umpire, the batsmen and, as soon as practicable, the captain of the batting side.
  • (e) report the occurrence, with the other umpire, as soon as possible to the Executive of the fielding side and to any Governing Body responsible for the match, who shall take such action as is considered appropriate against the captain and bowler concerned.

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