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This is a story about Jupiter, Mercury, how these two liked to get out of the house and have adventures, and two poor people who get really lucky.

Sometimes Jupiter became sick of his quiet life on Olympus and would go to Earth with Mercury, disguising themselves as different things, and have some fun with the mortals. One day the two gods, in the form of beggars, traveled around a town in Phygia asking for food and rest. At hundreds of home they had the door slammed shut in their faces, and after a while they came to a pathetic-looking hut. They knocked on the door and to their suprise were invited in. An old man told them to relax on the benches, and a lady gave them some cloths to wrap themselves in for warmth. She told the two travelers (the gods) that she was Baucis and the man cooking dinner was her husband Philemon. She said that they lived in poverty, but it wasn't so bad because they had what they needed. By the time she finished talking to the two disguised gods, Philemon ame in with a dinner of cabbage, bacon, roasted olives and radishes, and wine that tasted like vinegar (yum!). The two were very happy to have guests and waited on them hand and foot. They noticed that their wine pitcher was not running dry, and praise the gods for this (with Jupiter and Mercury giggleing no doubt). Then Philemon remmembered that he had a goose and went out to get it so he could serve it to his guests. The two excused themelves and ran around the house trying to catch the goose to no avail. Finnaly, Jupiter and Mercury decided to stop playing games and revealed themselves to the couple.

Jupiter thanked them for their kindness, and with his power destroyed the village that had turned the two gods away with a flood. Baucis and Philemon stood in awe of him and wondered what would happen next. Jupiter then dazzeled them by turning their hut into a impressive mansion/temple! Jupiter then told them they could have whatever they wanted. The couple talked about for a moment, and then Philemon said that if him and his wife could be priests in this temple, and if they could always be together, even in death. (Ever the humble one, aren't you Phil?) Their wishes were granted, and the two gods departed.

Baucis and Philemon lived a long time together. One day they thought back on their lives before they encountered the two gods, and to their suprise they began turning into a tree! They told each other goodbye, but this was not needed. They grew into one tree that was both a linden and an oak. It was quite the marvel and people came from all around to see it.

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