BDLD among friends. This is a common description on all recordings stored digitally on a reflective plastic disc 12 cm in diameter and read by laser. After some record companies started to put in an effort to stop the copying of CDs, they started diverting from the Red Book standard that defines a Compact Disc. The Compact Disc name is a trademark, and is only to be used in connection with a Red Book approved Digital Laser Disc (Mind you; Not a LaserDisc).

Effectively, all diverting form the Phillips Red Book standards nullifies the use of the Compact Disc name and the maker cannot have their logo on the disc or in the cover. It becomes a non-standard disc, with no guarantees that it will play in a Compact Disc approved player. It becomes a Bastard Digital Laser Disc.

This term is new, and has been coined by the hi-fi community here in northern Europe.

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