Here's how it works: Catch a bass, remove the hook, and drop the bass — that's the whole bass — into the Super Bassomatic 76. Now adjust the control dial so that that bass is blended just the way you like it. Yes it's just that simple!

Dan Aykroyd was one of the funniest talents on the original run of Saturday Night Live, back when it was fresh, edgy, and viciously satirizing 1970s pop culture and media. His recurring characters, including Elwood Blues and Beldar Conehead, are some of the most popular and recognizable from SNL history.

One of his more outrageous sketches was the Super Bassomatic 76 — basically, a rebranded kitchen blender intended for fish. Donning a cheap suit and talking a mile a minute, he parodied TV hucksters selling gadgets of questionable utility. After delivering the above speech, he drops a whole, fresh fish into the blender and proceeds to liquify it into a homogenous mass, all while continuing to sing the praises of this wonderful, time-saving device, finishing off with a string of accessories, warranties, and guarantees.

The Bassomatic sketch was a great example of everything I loved about the original SNL cast, knowing how to push a concept just past the edge of ridiculous without going too far and ruining it.

Bassomatic: you'll never have to scale, cut or gut again!

Bassomatic appears to also be the name of a British band from the 1990s and an encryption algorithm. Both likely took their name from this sketch.

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