Atari 2600 Game
Produced by: Atari and Sears
Model Number: CX2661
Rarity: 2 Common+
Year of Release: 1978
Programmer: Gary Palmer

It's the latest in Atari's stupid games for stupid children series. It is Basic Math. Ponder philosophical questions such as 3+4=?. Wrack your brains with true stumpers such as 2*3=?. This game will bring many seconds of joy into the life of any developmentally challenged child.

Basic Math is just that, Basic Math. Simple addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication all done with some of the simplest graphics ever to grace a picture tube. This game doesn't have any fancy backgrounds or animated turtles to distract the player from the sheer boredom of simple math problems. I cannot truly see any child wanting to play this game for any reason.

I would normally include an excerpt from the box, manual, or one of the Atari catalogs. But not even any of them make any attempt to make this game sound interesting. Their best hype for this title was "The computer tells you if you're right or wrong!"

The most realistic ASCII screenshot ever posted on E2!
|               |
|       5       |  
|      +1       |
|      ---      |
|       6       |
|               |
Collectors Information

This game was cloned under the name Fun with Numbers (also by Atari) and by Sears under the smashingly original name Math. The art on the box of this game looks like it was drug induced. It is not the several realistic images merging into each other that most Atari boxes featured. Estimated value on this title is $2 USD. Any collector worth his joystick knows that games with boxes and manuals are worth oh so much more.

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