Found in the Williams pinball machine Medieval Madness, Barnyard Multiball is one of the silliest multiballs ever created. It is difficult to obtain, requiring the player to complete and launch all 5 items from the catapult on the left side of the playfield. As the catapult is a difficult shot, this is quite hard to do. Once all 5 items (a bowling ball, cow, chicken, cat and skull have been launched, the catapult will begin flashing - the next shot begins Barnyard Multiball. During this multiball, all targets and ramps score barnyard points, with the lock shot scoring Barnyard Jackpots. The sound effects are all farm animal sounds.. mooing, oinking, clucking, quacking, etc, on top of a goofy rendition of Old McDonald Had A Farm. Scoring can be quite lucrative, with totals easily exceeding 30 million points.

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