A traditional class of French cheese made of a mixture of milks from cows, goats, and sheep. All milks remain unpasteurised.

The cheeses are formed into small rounds, and are wrapped in chestnut leaves tied with raffia for sale at market. The leaves are not just for pretty decoration, however, as they keep the cheeses moist, and impart a gentle wine like flavour. As the cheeses age, blue-green molds grow under the leaves, which further contribute to their unique flavours.

Banon cheeses all have a natural rind, and the textures and flavours range from firm and mild through creamy and tart. A particularly innovative Banon cheese is placed into earthenware pots prior to wrapping, and is then covered with salt and pepper and fresh vinegar and eau de vie. The fermented cheese is said to be "ferocious"!

Banon cheeses are named after the market-town of Banon in Provence.

research sources: cheese.com & The Banon Cheese Factory

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