A Korean soccer song, sung by the Red Devils (fans of the Korean national soccer team) after a victory. "Ballo cha!" literally means "kick/hit with foot!" but doesn't sound stupid in Korean like it does in English. "Bal" is "foot", "-ro" or "-lo" is a grammatical suffix that means "with" or "by means of," and "cha" is the verb "to hit" or "to kick."

Done to a sort of dance music tune, the chorus to the song goes:

"Ballo cha!
Ballo cha!
We are the champions!"

The song is often done as part of medley with "Ole, ole-ole-ole, we are the champions, we are the champions," (which I believe might be sung in many places in the world, correct me if I'm wrong) and the other Korean soccer song, "Pil Seung Korea."

There's also a bit of a chant that's sometimes inserted, that goes "K-O-R-E-A! Korea Team Fighting! Whooooooooa... whoooooooa!"

I've also heard a version of the song that has verses, sung by a female vocalist, but no one I've met seems to know the words. If anyone does, /msg me.

See also: Pil Seung Korea, Tae Han Min Gook

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