A bad kisser can be a great kisser with a little coaching. On the top of things not to do in conversations about kissing include:
  • Don't just vacuum your partner (by over-sucking on the mouth, lips, or tongue), check first with your partner. She may like other kind of kisses.
  • Don't bore them: be creative and original, keep kisses from becoming dull by adding variations. Your partner will probably be pleasantly surprised.
  • Bad breath affects you and your partner's enjoyment. Flossing and brushing before kissing helps a great deal. Another fun thing to try is the sharing of fruits, mints, and candies. Some food and spices will negative affect your breath so watch out for that.
  • Until you find your partner enjoy it, don't slobber too much: swallow your saliva to achieve dry kisses, it doesn't mean you can't french kiss, just that you should take little breaks or figure out a way to swallow the saliva mid-kiss.
  • French kisses are wonderful, but a guy need not use it exclusively. Again this goes back to originality. Discover the kisses the two of you can enjoy.
  • Every partner is different, don't kiss your current love the way you kiss the last, make the new music for the two of you.
  • Speaking of music, kissing is a caring act, don't do your own thing and forget about your partner! If he or she is trying something, try to go with the flow. Some have commented that "...the worst kissers are the ones that seem to have no coordination, they don't feel how you are kissing and work with it, they just do it how they want to do it." Observing what your partner is doing says that you care, and has a way of allowing your partner to share with you some ideas on how he or she likes to be kissed (without having to shout it out)
  • The best way to help your partner to change his or her kisses is not keeping quiet! Try pointing out an intimate scene on the big screen by saying, "I'd like that try that!" How about telling him or her sometimes you'd like to try something you had in mind.
  • It's really helpful not to tell your partner you don't like a certain way of kissing until a later time (instead of right there on the spot where you can hurt their feeling). The best way is to let them know what you like, not just what you don't like (make happy noises or do your secret signal if your partner stumbled upon something you like).
  • (Todo: add more major tips)

P.S. I would be so happy if I even observe half of these rules half the time.

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