House artist from Chicago. Sweet stuff for house, tho the quality of an album can vary drastically from song to song. Typically, his CDs are composed of 30 or so tracks from different artists all mixed together. Very enjoyable live.


Bangin The Box Volume 1 (1995)
Mixmaster Throwdown Volume 1 (1996)
Banging The Box Volume 2 (1996) Own it; decent
The House Connection (1997)
Mixmaster Throwdown Volume 2 (1997)
Global House Culture Volume 4 (1997) Own it; okay with two standouts
Banging The Box Volume 3 (1998) Own it; decent
Mixmaster Throwdown Volume 3 (1998)
House Connection Volume 2 (1998)
Banging The Box Volume 4 (1999)
Bangin' in London (2000)

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