Title: Back Street Soccer
Developer: SunA Electronics
Date Published: 1996
Platforms: Arcade / JAMMA

Very rare is it that a video game about sports actually stands the test of time, or even has anyone playing it a year after it is released, and this game is really no exception to that rule. Back Street Soccer is a mediocre sports game about playing soccer on a back lot.

The graphics to this game were five years out of date before the game even came out, while all the characters in the game are basically the same character that they have made minor changes to. Playing this game would largely be a waste of your time.

There is one little tidbit of information about this game worth mentioning. It does not use an X-Y monitor. It is a raster game, not a vector game, vector games had been out of production over a decade before this game came out. But for some reason it is listed in several databases as using a vector monitor.

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