This is the story of the nativity, the birth of Jesus, the little baby boy decreed to be none other than the Son of God, the only one of us ever born without sin.

There was a very nice young lady named Mary, who was still a virgin, and betrothed to marry a nice young man named Joseph. Quite unexpectedly, Mary was frightened by a visit from an angel. Now, angels are the generals of God, but this particular angel was none other than Gabriel, symbol of the Power of God, and rumored to have solved the Sodom dilemma. Mary was immediately terrified beyond all reasoning. However, Gabriel quickly told Mary she had nothing to fear. She was, in fact, particularly blessed, since she was chosen to be the earthly mother of the Son of God.

Joseph was very distraught, and suddenly frightened for his soon to be wife. He hid her away out of fear she would be made a public example, due to her pregnancy out of wedlock. In a dream, God told Joseph to have no fear, but to take Mary as his wife, and to name the son Immanuel, which means "God to us".

Right about the time Mary was to give birth, a great registration and census was ordered by Augustus Caesar. Joseph left Nazareth to return to his home town of Bethlehem for this registration, and took Mary with him.

They were very poor, this young man and his pregnant wife. It was a cold December night. They asked for room in an Inn, but were turned away as common beggars. Joseph took Mary to a stable so they could sleep. That night Mary gave birth to Baby Jesus. They wrapped him in rags and lay him in a crude manger. As parents commonly do, they looked upon their infant son and thought he was the most beautiful, wonderful child the world had ever seen.

Now it is safe to say the world had been somewhat warned of such an amazing event as the birth of the Son of God. Prophets had spread the word, and kings had listened. King Herod was mystified by an Easterly star that shone bright in the sky, and sent forth three of his wisest men to follow it, and see if the prophesies were true. These three wise men came to the stable, and saw Jesus laying in the manger, and their hearts nearly burst with joy, and hopefulness of peace. They gave to the infant the gifts they carried - gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Not much is said of the childhood of Jesus, but he is known for many deeds as a leader of men. His life became one of struggle and strife. But those are tales seperate from the birth of Baby Jesus, for which we celebrate Christmas every year. Despite a persons beliefs in God, or Christianity, or religion of any sort, it is easy to see this as a lovely story - two young people in love, and the birth of their child, and wishes of hope, happiness, and a rare chance at peace on Earth.

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