Type: Equalizer/Modeling
Original Date Of Manufacture: 1997
Inputs/Outputs: 1/2

  • Level
  • Body
  • Top
  • Mode (explained below)
Special Features: Dual outputs for acoustic or electric amplifier setups.


The AC-2 is a newer pedal from BOSS, designed to simulate the sound of a miked acoustic or acoustic-electric guitar. It has a surprisingly good sound, given what it's trying to do. Hand slides, bumps, and all the familiar acoustic sounds shine through with this pedal.

This pedal has four modes of operation:

  • Standard: Simulates a standard medium body acoustic.
  • Jumbo: Simulates a large body acoustic.
  • Enhance: Simulates a standard body guitar, but with enhanced equalization on the highs and lows.
  • Piezo: Simulates the piezo-electric pickup sound found in most acoustic-electrics.

While this pedal will not completely replace the need for an acoustic guitar, it does a good job for quick passages or substitutions during a song. This effect works best with single-coil pickups, as some humbuckers tend to overload the inputs a bit, causing a scratchy sound.

Information gathered from personal experience and Harmony Central.

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