The BK Veggie is a controversial new sandwich made by the Burger King conglomerate. The "burger" consists of a vegan patty, mayonnaise, tomatoes, pickles, and a bun which, by the way, contains trace amounts of dairy and is thus not entirely vegan.

Despite not being a pure vegan sandwich, organizations such as PETA are celebrating this new product and encouraging everyone to purchase it. Even vegans, they say, should buy it, as the burger would be nixed without enough support. They recommend asking for the sandwich to be made without mayo, and cooked in the microwave so as not to be tarnished with residue from meat patties.

To me, this new sandwich seems to be the result of BK throwing animal rights activists a (proverbial) bone, while still continuing to offer cows and chickens the same horrible treatment as always. It seems to me as though buying the BK Veggie would support an establishment that makes the great majority of its profit from the slaughter of other living beings. But PETA and feel differently.

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