TLA for "Bros Before Hos."

This is intended to signify that one should prioritize looking out for one's male fellows' interests more highly than the pursuit of members of the opposite sex.

It's a safe bet that guys who throw this one around will probably be heard using the term "cockblock" as well. "Bros before hos" will often be used successfully as the sole line of reasoning in the dissuasion of one's peer from cockblocking a mutual associate. The theory here is that it's favorable in the long run to deny oneself immediate social and sexual gratification in order to benefit one's friend. After all, such selfless generosity will pay off as ring true the colloquialisms what goes around comes around, I'll scratch your back, you scratch mine, and a life of virtue is its own reward.

Violation of BBH will usually result in the offender's labeling as "bitch", "pussy," and/or "playa-hater," depending on circumstance and the incident in question.

Generally, though, the statute of limitations is finite -- rather short, indeed. Sooner rather than later, "If you don't go after her, she's mine" is carried in on the shoulders of "if you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen," "I'll take one for the team," and "If you're not gonna play, get out of the way."

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