Autopederasty is an oft not heard of form of masturbation that is to sex what Golf once was to sports. Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden, unless of course you're willing to go through with a full on sex change just to perform this little feat.

Autopederasty is the act of inserting one's own penis into one's own anus.

The term originates from the word 'Auto' meaning 'Self' and 'Pederasty' meaning 'When an older man has intercourse, especially anal intercourse, with a young boy.' In short, this word makes little sense, but I suppose Autoanal either isn't fancy enough, or sounds like you'd have to pay money for a machine that would give you that kind of entertainment.

For those of you who are in total disbelief of such an act, take two things into consideration: First, this act, simply due to the requirements of the penis in question, is definately only achievable by a small percentage of men. Second, that penis has to be partially erect, but not completely. I suppose the trick is keeping that penis between the extremes of erect and not erect while still having anal intercourse with yourself.

And for some definitive proof, Russ Kick suggests in his infamous Book Of Lists to check out the film Go Fuck Yourself, where the act is demonstrated.

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