critically acclaimed rock and roll band from Los Angeles, formed in 2000 by Carla Azar (formerly of Ednaswap), Eugene Goreshter (formerly of Maids Of Gravity) and Greg Edwards (formerly of Failure).

Published a 5-song demo, "demonstration" in 2001; tracklist as follows:

  1. Turnstile Blues
  2. Angry Candy
  3. Underorbit
  4. Sugarless
  5. Future Perfect

Shortly after the initial success of "demonstration", they recorded a promotional demo to solicit a recording contract. On the demo, "6-songs", they released:

  1. Future Perfect (version 2)
  2. Here Comes Everybody
  3. Turnstile Blues
  4. Blanket
  5. Sub-Zero Fun
  6. Angry Candy

In 2003 they signed a record contract with DMZ. The album, Future Perfect, was produced by T Bone Burnett and engineered by Dave Sardy. After several delays, the album was released in Fall 2004 and distributed by Sony Music. The album does not include the title track released on earlier demos. The final song list looks exactly like this:

  1. Turnstile Blues
  2. Angry Candy
  3. Subzero Fun
  4. Sugarless
  5. Blanket
  6. Great Days For The Passenger Element
  7. Robots In The Garden
  8. Here Comes Everybody
  9. Asleep At The Trigger
  10. Plantlife
  11. Capital Kind Of Strain

autolux has toured among the company of Tool, Clinic, the White Stripes, Tortoise, and others. Their live performances have been described as everything from energetic to legendary.

autolux has a cryptic website with some secrets at:

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