London (UK) - based band formed in the early 1990s by Luke Haines, whose song lyrics are the pop-music equivalent of Martin Amis, being almost universally misanthropic, caustic and overtly clever. Child murders, airplane crashes, bombings and petty crime figured prominently. The music itself was elaborately structured and orchestrated; but also frequently abrasive (the last full - length being produced by Steve Albini). The band quietly released 3 full-length titles: New Wave, Now I'm A Cowboy and After Murder Park; then in 1996, after critical laurels but little other attention morphed silently into a single project one off, Baader Meinhof, (again, a commercial disaster) until Luke Haines formed Black Box Recorder.

Haines has been quoted as saying : "I'm not gonna hang myself if I don't get success. I just want people to have access to it that don't get free records in the post. Journalists tend to like 30 minute drones, because they liked Throbbing Gristle when they were 12. Well, we all liked Throbbing Gristle when we were 12," and "Ha!!! Morrissey? I saw him recently, and he was dreadful. But I quite like the new Fat Morrissey look." This might give a better impression of what the aesthetic of the music ends up being.

Source:Friday March 31, 2000 The Guardian

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