Aurich is a town in Ostfriesland, in northwestern Germany. Aurich is situated in the direct middle of Ostfriesland. In Fact, Aurich bills it's self as "Die Stadt im Herzen Ostfrieslands." Aurich has approximately 39.851 residents, and covers an area close to 197 kmĀ².It has a rather small market "Die PferdMarkt" that was once a horse market. In the market is a rather sad statue, that is meant to represent Aurich, but is instead the butt of many jokes (well, perhaps it does represent Aurich rather well).

Aurich's night life died when "The Old" discotheque went out of business in 2000, and is limited to a few decent pubs, and a club I hesitate to call a disco called "Dinis Disco".
Aurich is also home to Gymnasium Ulricianum, where a certain noder attended school for a year.

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