Can't type a long daylog on a phone keyboard. I have fat fingers and have to type slow. But here's how things are going: badly.

My folks think everything is going amazingly well and figure we're basically finished. I see a million little things that haven't been packed, and I have no idea what we should pack them in, and I have no idea where we can pack them in the cars. All of this has to be done before the movers get here in the morning.

And I have to leave my car parked at a motel tomorrow night, and I'm worried someone will break into the car to steal, I don't know, my lampshade or something.

I finished reading that superhero novel I mentioned the other day. It got a lot better, but it still had a lot more soap opera than I like. On the other hand, maybe that means I need to put more romance in the Metro City stories.

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