Once again, no long daylog today because I'm typing this on a teeny smartphone keyboard.

I had a frustrating morning. I still felt like we were unprepared for the movers -- we had to throw away some items I wish we could have kept because we didn't have room for them in our cars. When the movers got here, my folks hit the road while I waited for the movers to finish. It was supposed to take less than three hours but took about twice that long.

I made a stop at the Denton Square after that. I bought a graphic novel and a board game. I shouldn't have, but didn't really care. It may be a very long time before I can do this again, so I'll spread some money around to my favorite merchants while I still can.

I have to stay in Denton one more day to sign the paperwork on the house, so I'm in a motel tonight. I'd normally plan on staying up late to read, but tomorrow will be busy so I'll get a little extra sleep tonight.

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