Shortly after I left it, the Ursuline convent where I spent my high school years shut its doors due to a shortage of sisters in education. After years of searching for a buyer, the facility has finally been sold to the Islamic College of British Columbia who will be operating a boys' residential school. I'm not surprised it took so long; a ten acre complex in a Saskatchewan ghost town is a hard sell.

Sister Rosetta, who celebrated the Golden Jubilee of her vows a couple of days ago, had this to say on her Facebook:

Our philosophy and vision of "educating for life" continues. We are all God's people and we all - Christians and Muslims - need to accept each other's cultures and religions. We need to see the good in each other and not be influenced by the news media.
And so a Catholic girls' school becomes an Islamic boys' school, its small chapel now a mosque – a movement of symmetry between two Abrahamic faiths.

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