Things continue to be hit-or-miss, emotionally, but okay-ish physically.

This past week I managed to stick to the exercise schedule I set up: an hour of weight training and half an hour of running three days a week, an hour-long spinning class on the days I'm not doing weights, with a rest day at the end. My new pants are starting to loosen up on me, although they’re still a long way from falling off. Another three weeks to go and I'll step on a scale for the first time since January-- not to mention start my second-to-last semester of college.

As far as food goes, it’s a mixed bag. I’m not eating poorly, but I also don’t think I’m eating enough. I haven’t had a lot of urges to eat, lately, so I’m mainly just trying to remember that I need food to live on a regular basis. Fruit and salad are good, because they don’t require a lot of effort to prepare, particularly with the apartment being in the state it is (read: a total sty, thanks to slovenly roommates and the upcoming move). Still, I should probably eat more. According to the calorie tracker I'm using to figure out how much energy I'm burning with my new routine, I'm burning between 1000 and 1600 calories a day with my new routine. Something to work on, I guess.

As far as how I’m dealing with my self-image issues, that’s… going better than it usually does. Yes, I still have trouble looking at myself in the mirror, but I generally don’t stand there and prod/pinch my body to see how much fat has accumulated on a daily, or even weekly, basis. Yes, there is a weight I’d like to get down to, but it’s about 25 pounds over what I’ve been told my lowest healthy weight should be.

I’ve stopped trying to become something it’s physically impossible for me to be and am settling for making myself into the best I actually can be.

I also gathered up about 15 pairs of pants that are too small for me that have been sitting in my dresser for about three years, collecting dust, and put them in a bag to donate before the month is out.

I’m working on things, one way or another.

Notes from the Surf

Hole in one
Yep, skill. Another one that shows practice pays off.

Innocent and Pure
Um, OK then...

"I just want to eat my meal here, not be subjected to some moralistic crusade!"

Income Growth 1976-2006
Per-capita growth: 64%. Growth for 90% of population: 10%. Growth for richest 1% of population: 232%.

The gargantuan mountain of cash in America
"At the bottom are the poor and the 'middle-class' (see the little box in the lower corner?)... Notice the little pink block at bottom left in the left-hand image? That's where 96% of Americans like you and me live."

Iceland's national broadcaster, RÚV, prevented from reporting Kaupthing document
"The leaked document shows definitively that the bank made massive, high-risk loans to a select few, most notably the largest shareholders in the bank and associated parties."

South Korea: Ssangyong occupation
After car makers occupied their factory, pro-capitalists authorized spraying them with liquid / thinner-tainted tear gas.

General strike in Honduras
"a new problem has presented itself to the de facto government... police discontent over delays in paying their wages... has provoked a strike"

Employees assume control at London children's home
"Raythorne said he and his colleagues were prepared to face a police stand-off if necessary"

Dublin: Thomas Cook occupied by employees
"For the first time in my life we had 100 percent in favour of industrial action" - Direct Holidays also occupied shortly afterwards.

I'm leaving for Turkey today.
I'm supposed to be at the airport at noon exactly.
Yesterday I realised that my passport is nowhere to be found, and on top of this all, I got a call announcing me that, even if our holliday starts on 12th, we got the plane on the 11th.

At Noon !

So I got up at 4 a.m. (forgot to mention, that I said absolutely NADA to mum & dad), packed all necessities, got B to come with me to come up in half an hour with a brand new passport, and got my cousin to drive me really fast, from my place to the airport.
Never underestimate the power of a woman dressed in a gorgeous dress!
Nevertheless, when there are 2 of the species.
We managed to work our way to the front of the line, with a few smiles from B - Kind of a modern Audrey Hepburn, and myself here, wearing a vaporous, long turquoise dress.

We got the work done in 30 minutes, and I'm gonna be there even earlier!

Talk about impossible is nothing!


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