invented by alexander graham bell in 1879 in order to test schoolchildren's hearing. basically just a current passing through two induction coils, which set off a telephone receiver. could be adjusted to different levels of loudness.

An audiometer is used in standard hearing tests to determine each ear's sensitivity to tones at various frequencies.

When your hearing is tested with an audiometer, you will be asked to wear headphones connected to it. When you hear a tone, you raise your left hand, your right hand, or both, depending on which ears heard the tone.

By generating a mixed bag of tones, both high and low, quiet and somewhat louder, the technician can pinpoint any specific areas (such as "8000Hz in the right ear") which merit further investigation.

Au`di*om"e*ter (?), n. [L. audire to hear + -meter.] Acous.

An instrument by which the power of hearing can be gauged and recorded on a scale.


© Webster 1913.

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