An Ancient Egyptian creator god. Atun was believed to have arisen from Nun (the primordial ocean) and created both men and gods from himself. To create the gods, Atun brought the sky deities Shu (air) and Tefnut (moisture) in to being. Shu and Tefnut then went on to create Seb (earth god) and Nut (sky goddess). Osiris, Isis, Seth and Nephthys were born from Seb and Nut.

Atun is often associated with Ra (sun-god) as an aged aspect, the setting sun.

I am Atum, the creator of the Eldest Gods,
I am he who gave birth to Shu,
I am that great He-She,
I am he who did what seemed good to him,
I took my space in the place of my will,
Mine is the space of those who move along
like those two serpentine circles.

Atum, the bisexual god of creation... ?

The black bull Mnewer, who bore the sun disk and uraeus between its horns. Head of the Ennead cult.

  • Sacred
    snake. bull. lion. lizard. ichneumon.
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