Opening. The lights are down on the main stage. On the Old Men’s Park (OMP) set, a bench placed on a platform in front of the stage, PARKER is sitting. On another platform in front of the other side of the stage, the BARISTA is standing behind a bar with stools in front of it. On the main stage, another bench is set square to the audience, where GEORGE and ROSE are sitting. After the intro music dies down, a spotlight picks up Alex as they enter onto the OMP set, look at Parker, then sit down.



ALEX: Thanks for coming today.

PARKER: Sure. You said you needed to talk?

ALEX: Yeah. Yeah, I do. How long has it been since we last saw each other?

PARKER: Maybe two years.

ALEX: Two years. Christ.

PARKER: It happens.

ALEX: Yeah. Yeah, it does. How old are you now?

PARKER: Seventy-five. You?

ALEX: Seventy-six. How did we get to be so old?

PARKER: I don’t know. It happens.

ALEX: Is that your new catchphrase?

PARKER: More or less.

ALEX: I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone with a catchphrase before.

PARKER: Huh. (Beat.) Well, it happens. (Long pause.) So, were you planning on talking?

ALEX: Yeah. Maybe. I don’t know. I just needed to figure a few things out. I’m sorry I bothered you. I didn’t know who else to ask. (Moves to leave.)  I’ll just let you be.

PARKER: (Not letting them leave. Scoffs.)  Are you kidding me? When you get to be our age, you don’t pass up a chance to talk with an old friend. Sit down and don’t shut up.

ALEX: (Taken aback.) Well, okay. Since when have you been so aggressive?

PARKER: I guess I changed.

ALEX: I guess we all changed.

PARKER: You know. (Little smirk.) It happens.

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