An index for the play At Last. For commentary on the play as a whole (and to read the play from the very beginning), see At Last - The Cover Pages. Below are brief synopses of each scene. Spoilers have been avoided as much as possible.


Scene One, in which Alex and Parker start talking.

Scene Two, in which George and Rose make plans.

Scene Three, in which the coffee bar crew place their orders.

Scene Four, in which Brenda advises Rose and George discusses preparation.

Scene Five, in which the coffee bar crew make more jokes.

Scene Six, in which the movie makers get to "work" on attaining perfection.

Scene Seven, in which Alex and Parker talk love, in stories and in person.

Scene Eight, in which Pat tries to cajole Jessie and a mysterious friend is called.

Scene Nine, in which the coffee bar crew get wet.

Scene Ten, the monster midpoint of the show, where paths cross and mistakes are made.

Scene Eleven, in which Alex and Parker talk the Greeks and movies.

Scene Twelve, in which Brenda gives Rose tissues and training.

Scene Thirteen, in which I (via the coffee bar crew) stretch the boundaries of what can be reasonably called a "scene".

Scene Fourteen, in which Jessie's friend tries his damndest to pull out a pep-up speech.

Scene Fifteen, in which Alex and Parker reach an agreement.

Scene Sixteen, in which Rose signs up for one more try.

Scene Seventeen, in which Jessie gives Scene Thirteen a run for its money.

Scene Eighteen, in which the coffee bar closes for the night.

Scene Nineteen, in which Charlie blows a gasket and the movie crew decides to go grab grub.

Scene Twenty, in which we have our grand finale and reunion.

Scene Twenty-One, in which we come full circle.

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