Astrophil and Stella

Sonnet 98

Ah, bed! the field where joy's peace some do see,
   The field where all my thoughts to war be trained,
   How is thy grace by my strange fortune strained!
How thy lee-shores by my sighs stormed be!
With sweet soft shades thou oft invitest me
   To steal some rest; but, wretch, I am constrained,
   Spurred with love's spur, though galled, and shortly reined
With care's hard hand to turn and toss in thee, 
   While the black horrors of the silent night
   Paint woe's black face so lively to my sight
That tedious leisure markes each wrinkled line:
   But when Aurora leads out Phoebus' dance,
   Mine eyes then only wink; for spite, perchance,
That worms should have their sun, and I want mine. 
Sir Philip Sidney

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