Astrophil and Stella

Sonnet 79

Sweet kiss, thy sweets I fain would sweetly endite, 
   Which, even of sweetness sweetest sweetener art; 
   Pleasingst consort, where each sense holds a part; 
Which, coupling doves, guides Venus' chariot right. 
Best charge, and bravest retreat in Cupid's fight; 
   A double key, which opens to the heart, 
   Most rich when most riches it impart; 
Nest of young joys, schoolmaster of delight, 
   Teaching the mean at once to take and give; 
The friendly fray, where blows both wound and heal,
The pretty death, while each in other live. 
Poor hopes first wealth, hostage of promised weal; 
   Breakfast of love. But lo, lo, where she is, 
   Cease we to praise; now pray we for a kiss.  
Sir Philip Sidney

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