Astrophil and Stella

Sonnet 75

Of all the kings that ever here did reign, 
Edward, named fourth, as first in praise I name: 
Not for his fair outside, nor well-lined brain, 
Although less gifts imp feathers oft on fame. 
   Nor that he could, young-wise, wise-valiant, frame 
His sire's revenge, joined with a kingdom's gain; 
And gained by Mars, could yet mad Mars so tame, 
That balance weighed, what sword did late obtain. 
   Nor that he made the flower-de-luce so 'fraid, 
(Though strongly hedged) of bloody lion's paws, 
That witty Lewis to him a tribute paid: 
Nor this, nor that, nor any such small cause; 
   But only for this worthy knight durst prove 
   To lose his crown, rather than fail his love.  

Sir Philip Sidney

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