Astrophil and Stella

Sonnet 76

She comes, and straight therewith her shining twins do move 
   Their rays to me, who in their tedious absence lay 
   Benighted in cold woe; but now appears my day, 
The only light of joy, the only warmth of love. 
She comes with light and warmth, which, like Aurora, prove 
   Of gentle force, so that mine eyes dare gladly play 
   With such a rosey morn, whose beams, most freshly gay, 
Scorch not, but only do dark chilling sprites remove. 
   But lo, while I do speak, it groweth noon with me, 
Her flamy glistering lights increase with time and place, 
My heart cries, oh! it burns, mine eyes now dazzled be; 
No wind, no shade can cool: what help then in my case? 
   But with short breath, long looks, staid feet, and aching head, 
   Pray that my sun go down with meeker beams to bed.  

Sir Philip Sidney

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