Western Astrology is broken up into many different sub-categories, and the first one that needs to be addressed is the elements. Fire, earth, air, and last but certainly not least, water. There are three signs in each element, and they are each four signs apart making obviously twelve signs all together.

The Astrology Wheel starts with fire, as Aries is the first sign out of the chute. Second in the line of fire is Leo, with Sagitarius coming towards the end of the wheel.

Taurus begins the earth break-up, with Virgo in the center and Capricorn ending it.

Gemini darts out first in the air group, then Libra followed shortly by Aquarius.

Cancer is leader of the water signs, with Scorpio coming in the fall, and Pisces ending the astrological year before starting all over again with fire.

Fire signs are explosive, passionate, driven, sometimes impatient and reckless, but their energy and flamboyancy makes most other signs forget their brashness and sharp tongues. They are the conquerers, the adventurers, and help you if you try to slow tham down.

Earth signs are, like they sound, generally very well grounded, hardworking, dependable, though sometimes very slow to make descisions. They are generally patient. They think most actions out long in advance before undertaking them. And earth signs have a severe tendancy to worry way more about money and material objects than is healthy. But they are resourceful and logical so their worry is for damn near nothing.

Air signs are the thinkers, slightly colder than the other signs, they live a great deal in their heads. But they have lightening quick wit and sense to use their brains before any other resource at hand. These guys developed the left brain, I'm convinced.

And water signs. The emotional ones. Generally more quiet than the fire, unless provoked, these guys are the natural artists, using their feelings as fuel. But this can stand in their way, for their hearts can be bigger obstacles than anything they can touch. A great attachment to dreams and imagination is the glue that holds these guys together.

So there you have the elemental groups in astrology, though there are many more combinations than these, this was just as good a spot as any to start defining the twelve signs. Or at least start attempting to peg these guys down.

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