A popular (i.e. cheap) scanner produced by Umax. It comes in 3 models: 1220S (SCSI), 1220U (USB) and 1220 (Parallel Port). It is enclosed in a B3 (Boring Beige Box) that will match most older computers, has the ability to change its SCSI ID manually, with the capability to lock the carriage for transportation. Maximum resolution is 9600 by 9600 dpi, standard is 600 by 1200.

One of its unique features is a green "ready" display on the front of the box, lit by an internal LED. When the scanner is active, the green light shuts off, but as the carriage scans closer, it slowly begins to increasingly glow with a white light, and when the carriage hits the bottom of its scan, it is about 3 times as bright as the average penlight.

Unfortunately, the software that comes with it is quite pretty graphically, with big, nifty picture buttons, but has almost no worthwhile features, and is a pain to use... and that's when it works right.

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