A very cool company who specializes in nothing but the porting of popular PC games to the Macintosh. If you've never heard of them, it's likely because you don't own a Mac and play games on it. However, Aspyr is responsible for very high-quality ports of nearly all the big-name PC games in the past couple of years.

Among their wide array of ports are included Carmageddon, Alpha Centauri, Bonkheads Deluxe, Deus Ex, The Sims, and the myriad of expansion packs for The Sims, several Tomb Raider titles, Madden 2000, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2, and Escape from Monkey Island.

Aspyr is one of the good guys in the gaming industry. Their products are always of considerable quality, and they're always real Mac programs (which can hardly be said of some games which get ported), and they almost always deliver on their projected release dates.

More info at http://www.aspyr.com

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