In the first Monkey Island game, Guybrush Threepwood starts out the game near a bar (the SCUMM bar) in which he is to seek three important-looking pirates. However, since this is a pirate game, there are many more pirates than these in the bar. One is a rather taciturn fellow, who seldom says anything but "Aye." However, he is wearing a button that reads "Ask me about Loom." This being a Monkey Island game, you converse by choosing various lines from a provided list. For nearly all of them, the pirate's only response is the aforementioned "Aye." However, if you have Guybrush say "So, tell me about Loom," the pirate immediately launches into a somewhat lengthy spiel on the virtues of the game Loom, another Lucasarts game. During this time, a notice at the bottom of the screen indicates that this is an advertisement. This is not the only reference to Loom in this game, though. There's also an infamous scene involving a couple of circus acrobats and a cannon, in which you can make Guybrush say the line "I'm Bobbin Threadbare. Are you my mother?" This is a reference to the main character of Loom, Bobbin Threadbare.

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