A router made by Ascend in the pre-Lucent days. It features ISDN BRI and serial WAN interfaces. Fairly reliable and easy to use, with it's menu oriented user interface. With recent firmware, it could handle NAT, DHCP, Frame Relay, IPX/SPX, some bridging, Appletalk, and other stuff I can't even remember.

One of the funny things about it is that it's mainboard is actually an Ascend P50 (an ISDN router). They even used to mention this on the website. If you ever update the firmware, you'll notice the prompt says "pipe50>". They just added on a daughtercard for the serial capability.

They would, every half year or so, lock up under my company's traffic. And after bouncing the power, you'd usually have to unplug the serial connection and plug it back in. Wierd.

No one I know has ever worked with the things. I always had a hell of a time trying to get support for the things in the field and usually get stuck doing everything myself.

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