Arto Salminen (22 October 1959, Helsinki - 15 November 2005, Hausjärvi) was a Finnish author. He was a critically acclaimed social commentator, although his books didn't find a very big audience, leading him to a cult status. His books are often described as naturalism with black humor. He himself disliked the alternative term for naturalism in Finland, "disgust-realism" (that's a word-to-word translation) and responded that you could see his books all around if you didn't close your eyes.

He wrote of the downsides of the current Finnish society and somewhat neoliberal politics: the poor, the entrepreneurs, but also the tabloid media and reality television. The decline of the welfare state, in general. I have no knowledge of his books being translated, and they most likely won't be: the settings of his books, for what I have read, are very Nordic, if not even Finnish, as Finland does tend to differ from the other Nordic countries. Might have some success in Sweden, though.


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Kalavale basically means an adynaton, but it's everyday speech. Literally translated, it is a "Fish Lie".
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