A mod of the game quake 2

Artifact quake uses the same weapons used in quake 2 but has an entire array of artifacts (powerups). Depending on the specific server settings, 1 or 2 (perhaps more) of these artifacts may be carried at one time. Some artifacts are constantly in use, while other must be triggered to be used.
Here is a list of artifacts:

Berzerker: user deals 6x damage, but receives 3x damage
Strength: user deals 2x damage.
Flight: user can fly Good health: user can get up to 666 health. Regeneration: user's health constantly regenerates towards the max (100 normally, 666 with good health)
Action quake movie aresenal: all weapons are received and the ammo for each slowly increases.
Slam: touchin an opponent deals much damage Orb of Death: a green orb follows the user around, and deals much damage when it comes in contact with other users
Snub Hat: a useless artifact, that makes the user look like the "snub"
Death spot: allows the user to place "spots" that if any player touches causes instant death
Ice traps: allows user to place "traps" that cause players to get stuck.
Gravity Well" user can place a "black hole" sort of thing that sucks into orbit players, rockets, etc.
there are more, but i'm sure you get the idea.
Artifact quake rates a 10 on the happy scale.

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