Arthur, or the Decline and fall of The British Empire is an album by The Kinks. It was deeply influenced by the poet Wilfred Owen and other War poets. The original album was released in 1969, and the one with bonus tracks later on (in the 90's), with the original songs all digitally remastered

Just like in The kinks are the village Green Preservation Society and most of his other albums,Davies decided to have a themed album. The themes here are War and the horror of war, and making fun of the "British Empire"

Below is the Track List

1: Victoria

2: Yes Sir, No Sir

3: Some Mother's Son

4: Drivin'

5: Brainwashed

6: Australia

7: Shangri-la

8: Mr. Churchill Says

9: She Bought A Hat Like Princess Marina

10: Young And Innocent Days

11: Nothing To Say

12: Arthur

Bonus Tracks :

13: Plastic Man (mono)

14: King Kong (mono)

15: Drivin' (mono)

16: Mindless Child Of Motherhood (mono)

17: This Man He Weeps Tonight (mono)

18: Plastic Man (stereo)

19: Mindless Child Of Motherhood (stereo)

20: This Man He Weeps Tonight (stereo)

21: She Bought A Hat Like Princess Marina (mono)

22: Mr. Shoemaker's Daughter (stereo, previously unreleased)

At times I wonder how something as great as this album can exist, then I remember that The Kinks have many more albums, and many other 60's bands exist, so well, i'll surely find other great albums

Well that's all folks, hope this can be useful now that it's complete :)

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