Arnold Sideways is a citizen(or should I say denizen?) of Ankh-Morpork, and a member of the Beggar's Guild. His most noticeable characteristic is that he is, literally, legless. Instead, Arnold wheels himself around the metropolis of Ankh-Morpork via a small wooden trolley. However, to go someway toward evening the odds between himself and the more able citizens of Morpork, i.e., those with legs, Arnold Sideways possesses a tough, leather boot on a stick, the use of which he has prefected to a fine art. Many an unfortunate restauranteur, having tried to shut his door on the beggar, has found(much to his displeasure) a boot that was hitherto concealed, positioned inches away from his groin.
      Arnold Sideways is to be seen wandering the streets of Morpork, accompanied by some other examples of fine begging material, such as Foul Ole Ron, Coffin Henry, and the Duck Man.

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