One of Pennsylvania's two senators, along with Rick Santorum. He grew up in Kansas and first moved to Philadelphia when he enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania. He then took a job in the Philadelphia district attorney's office.

However before he became a DA he was an attorney who worked on the Warren Commission, and (according to Oliver Stone's JFK) originated the single bullet theory, or if you prefer the "magic bullet theory".

Politically he is a fiscal conservative and a social libertarian.

Specter was also the attorney who defended Ira Einhorn, a crass, filthy hippie who murdered Holly Maddux in Philadelphia in 1977. With the help of Specter and several other local celebrities, bail for Einhorn's murder arrest was set at a shamefully low $40,000. Sure enough, Einhorn jumped bail before the trial even began and wandered across Europe for nearly two decades before being captured in France.

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