(The closest thing MIT has to an old alma mater, often sung before Take me back to Tech.) Arise all ye sons of MIT, in loyal brotherhood. The future beckons unto ye and life is full and good. Arise and raise your steins on high; tonight shall ever be A mem'ry that will never die, ye sons of MIT. Once more thy sons, oh MIT, return from far and wide And gather here once more to be renourished by thy side, And as we raise our steins on high to pledge our love for thee We join thy sons of days gone by in praise of MIT. Oh loyal sons of MIT, when clouds of war burn red, In foreign land on distant sea, your battle line is spread, To you we raise our steins on high wherever you may be And join you voices from the sky, ye sons of MIT. Music and lyrics by John B. Wilbur '26 Reprinted from the online version of How to GaMIT

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