Areva are a French nuclear energy company, formed in a merger between five different companies:

Little is known about Areva, or the consolidated companies. The merger took place in 2001, and the new Areva group has been trying to push their new image fervently, leading them to commission TV ads (fairly odd for a nuclear energy/transport/reprocessing company) to be shown on stations like CNN International (that's the only channel I've seen the ad on so far, anyway).

Areva makes around 8.3 billion Euros a year from its activities, which include uranium mining, transport, nuclear energy production, fuel reprocessing and power transmission. As made light of in their commercial, this gives them complete control of a fairly large supply chain.

The only info I could find on Cogema The most I could find about Cogema was from Greenpeace: they were caught dumping nuclear waste off the coast of Normandy, and suffered the embarrassment of having images from the end of the pipe (on which Greenpeace had installed a tap to shut off the flow) transmitted into the meeting room of the OSPAR commission on international nuclear waste dumping. Cogema subsequently removed the tap, but not before sending a diver down to put up banners with the company's name on them. In a true moment of actions speaking louder than words, the Cogema diver and a Greenpeace diver (who had shown up to put back the banner that the Cogema diver had removed) hit each other with their respective banners, live on the webcam which was not only being broadcast to OSPAR, but also all over the Internet-leading to yet more embarrassment. Some footage is still available here.

Cogema also had a rather cool, heartless-industrial-corporation looking logo before they ditched it for their name in an Areva-ish font. You can see it at

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