Um, that's it for now. Please note I am still learning arabic, so no responsibility assumed for having mistaken a deadly insult for friendly slang and in so doing ending the life of a noder on holiday in Egypt.

Hahahahaha thats pretty good Egyptian slang you got there, however, in no part in Egypt would this work "How are you?" Arbatashar."..

Here are more slang for you if it would help :)

'Brince' -- We took it from the term "prince" but pronounced with a "b" instead.. its a way of showing something like respect, in a very friendly manner. However, you do NOT go to a guy in a suit and say "eh ya brince" which means something like "hey man, or hey dude"...

'elbes' -- It literally means wear, as in wearing clothes. we say "elbes" as in "wear trouble" like if a friend of ours was caught by his parents smoking up, we would tell him "elbes" or if your in a car with a friend and he hit something, you also tell him "elbess" as in wear that..

'me'alem' -- Is also something like 'brince', you say it as a greeting to friends.

'wahsh' -- literally monster, but you tell friends 'eh ya wahsh' as in , hey big guy...

Well this is what came up in my mind, if you have questions in anything feel free to ask :) I am Egyptian (If you noticed...)

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