Manufacturer: Taito
Year: 1992
Class: Wide Release
Genre: Adventure
Type: Video Arcade
  • Orientation: Horizontal
  • Type: Raster: Standard Resolution
  • CRT: Color
Conversion Class: JAMMA+
Number of Simultaneous Players: 4
Maximum number of Players: 4
Gameplay: Joint
Control Panel Layout: Multiple Player

Sound: Amplified Stereo (two channel)


Riff Raff, Street Rat, I don't buy that... Anyway, Arabian Magic is a game set in the "mystical and magical time of the Arabian Nights".


There are four characters that players can choose from, each armed with distinctive magic and powers. The four heroes one can choose from are Prince Lassid, Princess Lisa, Sinbad or Afshael. This band of heroes must fight the "Evil One" who has turned the king into a monkey. You must find the Jewel of Seven Colors to remove the hex. Your path is, of course, plagued with monsters of all kinds which you must vanquish with a combination of swordplay and magic. There is also a Genie who takes out all enemies with a single hit.


There are seven different stages, each with its own barrage of different attacks and items to attain along with a main boss at the end of the level which you must defeat to get one of the seven colors. The game ends when the king is back in his human state.
Tech Specs:

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