Loyal fans of the popular ska/theatrical rock band The Aquabats. One can become an official Aquabats Cadet (more commonly known as Aquacadet) by ordering a package online or mailing in for one. The cadet package generally includes a picture signed by one or more of the Aquabats, two patches, two pins, three or four stickers, old Aquabats newsletters, and an application to send in for an Aquabats cadet card.

The fan sends the application and a small picture of themselves (or someone else - I've seen David Hasselhoff and Jesus) and after a period of time ranging from a couple weeks to well over half a year depending on how the guys at Merch.com are feeling, the now official cadet recieves a hand glossified and numbered cadet card featuring their cadet name, picture, and cadet number.,/p>

Proud cadets are known to wear their patches and other cadet package-acquired gear at shows. Sometimes a cadet can use their card to get into exclusive after-show parties or the Cadets-only section of the unique Aquabats forum

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